Children. I sometimes forget…Children say and do the darndest things.

I remember Art Linkletter and his show.  He had that phrase about, “Kids say the damndest things.”  I was young then and still remember it vividly. Good old simple humor that was not pornographic or outrageous.  It was just the funniest stuff that kids would come up with.

Fast forward to today.  I teach English at high school and I have 10th and 11th grade kids.  Some will say young adults…I say kids!  They are kids!  They have no clue about some of the things they say or do, much less why they do any of it.  Kids that are always in trouble do not really know why they are lashing out; they just do it.  There are rare cases where the kid has had very adult like experiences early on that molded and twisted their thinking, but I think that is the rare case.  For the most part in my humble opinion is that kids do not have the slightest clue, and that makes for all the humor needed to get you through the day with teens.

Picture this:

  • Assignment: Make a video of one of the acts from Julius Caesar.  The act must have all the scenes like the original play.  You must try to update the language.  You can use; sock puppets, show box puppets, act it out, use animation, most of all use your imagination and have FUN.
  • Kid makes a video of Act 3. (the assassination act)
  • Kid does a shadow box play of this act using popular animation show on TV.
  • All characters are printed out and put on pencils.
  • Time for assassination scene the kid tapes sword to character that has hands down at the sides.  Picture it yet?
  • Character stabs other character in the back repeatedly.  Picturing this?

The kid did not even notice until a roar of laughter from the entire class and myself included.  The sword taped to the character looks like the sword is coming from the groin area.  Now the character with the giant sword shaped penis is stabbing the other character in the back / butt.  The kid was so embarrassed because they are very innocent.  They had not realized what it looked like cause they had not watched it.  They had only video taped it and put it on YouTube.  Red in the face the poor kid looks at me and tells me that they are so sorry they did not know it looked like that.  By the way mom, dad, and younger brother had helped out.

It is days like this that makes me love my job as a teacher.  I have lots of these events weekly of teens using the wrong words, wrong phrases, etc.  Teens are just kids, and not much different from when we were kids/teens.  Try to have patience with them because their minds are mentally disabled from all the hormones.  It is like you are drunk during your teen years.  When you wake up sometime in your late 20’s early 30’s, hopefully, you will ask yourself, “What the hell was I thinking?”  The answer is…You weren’t thinking at all.

How do we know we were not thinking?  Ask a teen a question and one of the most popular answers is going to be “I don’t know.”

  • Who left the milk out? “I don’t know.”
  • Where is your homework? “I don’t know.”
  • Did you have homework? “I don’t know.”
  • ad nauseam ……

If you have a teen in your house… Bless you.  Things will get better.  They are just ignorant children in a partially adult body.


Scotchie Chapman


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